Big news of the real estate as the Mega Mansion is sold for the record price

Hey friends, a very big news came just a few days back that astonished the real estate market of Australia that Those, who were on the top of the rungs of the Australia’s property ladder just recently climbed even higher than the last year, by upsizing into the bigger mansions and just smashing the price records.

The mansion, I am talking about is the waterfront mansion, which is away from few houses from the street of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s home, it has made a remarkable point, as it became the Australia’s most expensive sale of the year, which is at more than $60 million. The mansion is known as ‘Altona’, and it is the nine-bedroom home and it was sold in November to a very renowned billionaire family, and the family is from China. The Huang family, who are from China, have purchased this mansion from the previous owners the Wang family, who went to decide to sell three years after paying $52 million for it.

This news just hit the market with the expectations of breaking the Australian home price record, but the eventual it was found that the price proved to be bit lower as the record of $70 million was paid last year for James Packer’s former home named ‘La Mer’ in Vaucluse.

Really, astonishing news! Well, friends as the year is about to be over and the new year is about to arrive, so, I wish you all A Very Happy New Year…


The 3 Stages of Risk in the Real Estate

There are mainly three risks facing the collapsing CBD apartment market, Ms Conisbee a very renowned person said.

The very first risk that is coming up is the settlement risk. This problem mainly occurs, when the buyer just moved for putting down the deposit for an off the plan apartment but the problem comes, when the development of the apartment is completed and the bank won’t go for funding the loan because the value of the apartment has fallen, causing the buyer to default.

“Banks see it as risky or a bad investment,” Ms Conisbee said.

“Banks are now being restricted on the amount that they are lending, particularly to investors. They are being capped on the growth in their lending so they may see that particular apartment development as not being worthy of their lending. People have put down deposits two years ago … but the banks can change their approach to risk quite significantly.” she added

“We are not seeing widescale defaults just yet, but there is certainly a lot to be concerned about particularly in Melbourne and Brisbane given the amount of development taking place” she said.

The second major risk that is often faced is the occupational risk.

“Such high levels of development will put pressure on rents and this is already happening in Brisbane and Perth CBDs,” Ms Conisbee said,

“While declines in rents are not great for investors, a large increase in the vacancy rate is even worse. No tenant equals zero rent, and therefore no return on investment.” she further added.

Seeing the point of view of Conisbee one thing is very clear that it’s not a perfect moment to invest in a house or an apartment.


What is called the lakeside view of a house? Want to know…

What does you all think, how should be a lakeside view house? What lavishness, do you wish to have from it and what do you think, what kind of pleasant view it would be giving you? Thinking a lot about it, Let me tell you few things about it and not only few things; let tell you a place that can render all the luxury that you think of.  There is a private lake that does occupy a Hastings home’s 9.3ha land holding, that renders a breathtaking sight from every corner of the room and a feeling of nourishment comes to you, if you visit here.

This property is named accordingly “the Lake House” that just features more than 70m of decking over the lake part, which gives an awesome view and feeling of direct connection with the greener. Don’t think that only lake view is the positive part this because the formal living area and the dining areas are designed so perfectly that it gives a very burgeoning feeling and it also renders the perfect place to just refine yourself.

This particular accommodation wing offers you about four to five bedrooms and including a very luxurious main area.

There is a waterfall-edge pool that has a sun shining sun deck and a cool pool.

There is an agent, who belongs to the Unique Estates selling agency named Sue Gratton said, “the property had been completely renovated in recent years and offered ‘sophisticated elegance’ in a secluded setting that was in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula and just an hour’s drive from the CBD.”


Do wish to live the life in a dream house?

Do you all want to live in the beautiful dream house? Do you always wish the same? Do you know about the Tuscany? It is easy for anyone to pretend that they are in Tuscany at the rural delight on the Melbourne’s north-eastern fringe. But everybody does get the chance?

The 7ha property, which is the Bella Vista, and it is a flanked by just rolling hills in a secluded setting and that’s an easy drive to quality schools and the Kangaroo Ground township. Very driving one! Many visitors just approach the residence at 9 Donaldson Rd via the winding tree-lined driveway.

This house is just amazing and awesome,I mean I don’t have words to define it as it offers plenty of the accommodation, with six bedrooms and the five lavishing bathrooms, along with an indulgent choice of the indoor and outdoor dining and the entertaining areas.

One of the most highlights point about this is a circular “eyrie” on the top floor that goes for offering 360-degree views through large windows, a heated and warmed indoor pool with the big space for a gym and an entertainer’s kitchen with granite bench tops and bespoke cabinetry. You can feel that its the most lavishing one. Not only is this but there also a charming gazebo, the floodlit tennis court and vast gardens, which truly complete the grounds.

If you want to feel the real life luxury then you must visit here for once in life.


The Price Of Decore Houses

The art decor apartments in the city Melbourne costs more than any single and simple flat. Amidst the high number of apartment buildings in major cities that are currently being constructed and the headlines about supply, some might ask if flats are a worthwhile investment.

What about the size, the size and scarcity of Art Deco apartments in Melbourne help these properties attain a higher resale value, according to newly-released data from the secret agent.

The unbelievable fact is that he company’s apartment capital growth index of 1,276 flats measured the resale prices of 91 Art Deco properties against the resale prices of the other units from 1 January – 30th September 2016.

The apartments, which were built during the Art Deco period sold for $9,651 per sqm when compared to brick units built between the 1960s and 1980s, which sold for $8,672 per sqm and all those flats built in the 1990s sold for $8,517 per sqm. Interesting isn’t it.

The main reason behind the  higher prices that Art Deco units attract are perhaps the reflection of their size as one-bedroom units built in this style are 56sqm on average, which is actually 20% bigger than the average flat which is 47sqm.

These amazing findings really don’t surprise REA Group Chief Economist Nerida Conisbee who says “uniqueness sells” when it comes to apartments.

“Melbourne currently has record apartment development. This is leading to prices stabilising, particularly compared to houses. Apartments that are different to the majority of the stock will continue to see higher price growth,” she added.


Melbourne and Its Beauty

Taking the name of the country Australia, what comes next in your mouth? With most of the people, it’s found that they spell the word Melbourne, the heart of Australia. In Melbourne, you may find many places for hangout, for visiting, for side seeing but which area is most suitable for the shopaholics?

It’s none other than Queen Victoria Marke, which is considered the heart and soul of Melbourne. You can eat shop, explore and also discover your way through the iconic food halls and heritage sheds, where the banter is as fresh as they are produced instantly. It can be called as the simple soaked up atmosphere of the largest open air market in the southern hemisphere.

You can also wander through the bustling meat, fish and dairy halls filled to the brim with fresh delights for every foodie, so, foodies, here you go; this is the right place for you all. You can also discover the seemingly endless array of seasonal fruit and vegetables showcasing the best of Australian produce.
You can explore the market’s historic sheds to grab bargain or to find a Melbourne made treasure amongst clothing, jewellery, hand crafts, home wares, souvenirs and more. This part is the most satisfying part for the shopaholics.

Apart from shopaholics the foodies also have their full chance enjoy their journey of Melbourne. Don’t try to skip this market from your journey list because it may ask you to regrets as you would be missing the chance to see the full beauty of Australia.

The most recommend place for the visitots.


The history repeated itself again as Woodlea crowned again as Melbourne’s fastest selling community!

When talking about Melbourne, which feature of the city can attract the people towards itself, its none than the other Melbourne’s most progressive master-planned community, Woodlea, which continues to be crowned as the Melbourne’s fastest selling new development, as it is highlighted by the latest independent research report from the National Land Survey Program (NLSP).



The NLSP research that was mainly conducted for the first quarter of 2016, eventually found that Woodlea accounted for more than 10.4 per cent of the sales across Melbourne’s Western growth corridors, the average sales of 96 per month – which is 49 more than its nearest competitor.

When placing more words about Woodlea; it delivered its sales across a price bracket of $170,000 to $291,000 and between 336sqm and 785sqm, and demonstrating the project’s diverse offering and ability to meet the broad market demands.

The Woodlea Project Director Matthew Dean said,” Woodlea’s sales progress had continued to gain momentum since the launch of the project’s first major parkland and key community amenities which demonstrated the joint developers, Victoria Investments and Properties (VIP) and Mirvac’s commitment to the upfront investment in community infrastructure.”

“ Woodlea is unique both in its offering and our approach to its development, and our commitment to delivering best-practice amenities was recently supported by the launch of our first 7,000sqm parkland and a fully operational café.

“ We have also recently celebrated the launch of a 37-home display village showcasing 14 of Australia’s leading builders, and we have found that our ability to deliver these amenities in tandem with our first residents moving in has provided us with a point of difference to other land developments, attracting a large quantity of buyers to the development.”

These aspiring words are just suggesting that this is the only commencement the whole journey is still left for Woodlea.